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THULE-ORDEN - Thule III (2005)

THULE-ORDEN "Thule III" 2005

Label: Arisk Star Company Ltd.
Catalog#: ASCD0033

Genre: Electronica
Style: experimental, noise, ambient
Country: Greece
Format: CD
All music and lyrics by: &.Nico
Engineered and mixed by: &.Nico
Cover design by: &.Nico
Produced by &.Nico
Recorded,mixed and mastered during December 2004-June 2005 at MHSC
Thule - keyboards, organ, voice, backing voice
Hyperion - vocals, guitars, bass
Qubera - drums, percussion, voice 
Syria - backing vocal
1.Richard Vagner:Symphonic ocean 5:31 (music and & lyrics by &.Nico)
2.Nord chakra 5:36 (music and lyrics by: &.Nico)
3.Aryan yoga 9:00 (music and lyrics by: &.Nico)
4.Alenkij floweret 7:27 (music and lyrics by: &.Nico)
5.Baba Vijay Singh 5:27 (music and lyrics by: &.Nico)
6.Hara 3:44 (music and lyrics by: &.Nico)
7.Salvator Dali 8:54 (music and lyrics by: &.Nico)
total 45:58