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Label: Arisk Star Company Ltd.
Catalog#: ASCD0036

Genre: Electronica
Style: experimental, noise, ambient, dance
Country: Cyprus
Format: CD
All music and lyrics by: &.Nico
Engineered and mixed by: &.Nico
Cover design by: &.Nico
Produced by &.Nico
Recorded,mixed and mastered during November-December 2006 at MHS
Theory Terema-guitars,vocals,backing vocals
Amper Nico(&.Nico)-keyboards,bass,programming
Tomile Haggen-drums,percussion,vocals,backing vocals


1.W+B=W                  1:51
2.Virgin dacha           3:54
3.Aryan algebra         10:11
4.Baptized poseur        1:30
5.Formula new Hyperborea 4:13


2006 © Copyright Arisk Star Company Ltd.Cyprus
2011 © Copyright Amper Nico

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