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Top 10 Best Songs of 2017 on Arisk Star

The long-awaited "Top 10 Best Songs of 2017" on music label

Who interested can and the sales rating indicate.

01 Summer Festival (Stella XXL)                                           5.6170
   Album "Night Rendezvous"
02 Running on Waves (Stella XXL)                                        0.7790
   Album "Night Rendezvous"
03 Leaf Fall (Stella XXL)                                                  0.1510
   MS "Autumn Blues"
04 Two Horned Star (Satanist)                                                 0.0961
   Album "Two-Horned Star"
05 Feast Among Severed Heads (Batterring Ram of Assyria) 0,0931
   Album "Bloody Lioness from the Temple of Ishtar"
06 Plaster Lions (Batterring Ram of Assyria)                          0,0806
   Album "Bloody Lioness from the Temple of Ishtar"
07 Thunders and Lightings (Amper Nico)                                0.0711
   Album "Dr. Amp In the Epicenter of Attentionf"
08 Дьявольское спокойствие, Родина моя! (Satanist)           0.0438
   Album "Two-Horned Star"
09 I'll Give You A Flower of Fern (Finist)                               0,0399
   EP "Blind Idols"
10 Золотые мысли (Satanist)                                                   0.0385
   Album "Two-Horned Star"


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